Something to think about

Some people say that boys’ toys are boys’ toys because boys like to play with them–and that there are fewer female engineers because many women just don’t really want to be engineers. I mean, they’ve got the choice to become an engineer if they want to, right?

But others (like us) feel that it’s more accurate to say that boys’ toys are boys’ toys because we tell them so, because they’re marketed that way, and because we’re so used to them being that way that we don’t really know any different.

Check out this video for an interesting discussion of this issue: 

And how do we feel about counterarguments from toymakers like Mattel that Barbie’s doctor and astronaut costumes historically don’t sell as well as others do, and that “we only kept the doctor’s uniform in line as long as we did because public relations begged us to give them something they could point to as progressive”?*

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*Leavy, Jane. 1979. “Is There a Barbie Doll in Your Past?” Ms. Sept. 1979, pg 102., quoted by Jennifer Terry and Alan C. Swedlund. Deviant Bodies: Critical Perspectives on Difference in Science and Popular Culture. 1995. pg. 283.
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