Join our Team

Are you inspired yet?

We’re looking to expand our team–by a lot! There are tons of opportunities at ARK, including….

–Knitters, crocheters, crafters, yarn bomb designers

–Writers, brainstormers, people educated and/or passionate about women’s issues

–Photographers (imagine your work up on the internet for everyone to see..!)

–People who are good at blog layouts

–Taggers (a.k.a ninjas) to go out and put up our work (bonus points if you can climb stuff)

You don’t have to be willing to commit to all of these things–pick one you’re most interested, or do more if you’re really pumped up.

We are also willing to collaberate with other clubs at the 5Cs, to help raise awareness about the different issues impacting women.


–Be a good person.

–Care about women and women’s issues

–Be able to keep a secret…where will we strike next?!


–Crafting is a good de-stresser.

–Researching topics = learning!

–Writing columns is good for self-reflection; change yourself, change the world!

–Have an excuse to sneak around campus in a ski mask in the middle of the night.

–Meet awesome people!

–Be able to brag to your friends about what a baddass you are.

–Get blogging/social media experience! And “I was involved in an activism group” can translate into “I am an informed world citizen and I care about what goes on around me.”

–When we become famous, you’re going to wish you were a part of this.

Contact Annie or Rosie at if you’re interested. Feel free to use a code name (we do).



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