ARK works “Tête-à-Tête” with Taylor

All it takes to make a difference is an idea, and with enough passion the idea will grow into reality.  This is something that the founders of A.R.K. have experienced first hand, as well as seen in other remarkable, caring individuals.  Towards the end of last school year, A.R.K. was contacted by Taylor from San Diego, CA, who shared, “I love what you are doing to raise awareness for women’s issues.”

At the same time, we were greatly inspired by Taylor’s work. This ambitious rising high school senior started her own charity called Téte â Téte Hats, which helps chemotherapy patients and others who are in need of hats, such as hospitalized infants and children, by knitting and crocheting hats and donating them.  Since 2010, Taylor has been able to donate over 3800 hats to people in her local community, as well as across the United States.

We were happy to collaborate with Taylor, and she worked with us on creating not only hearts (to promote women’s heart health) but also ties (to promote women in government) to put on campus, as well as in the local community.

We would like to thank Taylor for collaborating with A.R.K. on raising awareness about important women’s issues!!!

Here are some photos from Taylor, showing the yarn graffiti that she collaborated with us on, promoting heart health.

Thanks again Taylor!!!

Feel free to email us at if you are interested in collaborating with A.R.K.!



Photos: Women in Government

Hey fellow ARKers,

Sorry the photos are a bit late, but here they are all the same as promised! Now that finals are over (phew!), we hope to be able to post more! These are just SOME of the lovely ties we put around the Colleges. Enjoy : ) Also, for those of you who aren’t in the loop about what we have done/are doing, we recently yarn-bombed our campus with these ties to raise awareness about and spotlight women in government.  Because women rule!



P.S. We think ties are sexy.

Pictures! BE ♥ HEALTHY!

Photos of First Tags!

Tell us what you think! Maybe you have suggestions for where we should tag next? Suggestions for women’s issues you’d like covered? Let us know in the comments or email us at