Arizona: Working hard to limit your freedoms

I thought the Arizona Congress was messed up upon the passing of the racist SB1070 bill, but this new bill puts them at a new low.

If this new bill, HB 2625, were to pass, employers would be allowed to deny health care coverage for contraceptives, if they are morally opposed to contraception.  One congresswoman, Debbie Lesko, said on the subject: “I believe that we live in America. We don’t live in the Soviet Union.  And so government shouldn’t be telling employers, Catholic organizations or mom-and-pop employers to do something that’s against their moral beliefs.”

Guess what, Ms. Lesko?  I believe we live in America, too.  And I believe that taking basic health care services away from people is a huge infringement on their rights.  This bill runs completely counter to the idea of personal liberties.  It would be allowing some citizens to impose their moral views on others, and decide for other citizens how they should live their lives and manage their health.

The inherent sexism makes me sick too.  This bill aims to directly limit the freedom of women when it comes to healthcare.  Imagine the reverse, if men’s health services were being restricted.  What if an employer were morally opposed to erectile dysfunction medications, and denied access to them?  Or prostrate cancer screenings?  I seriously doubt that the bill would have gotten as far as it has.

It’s amusing to think about how far this bill could go, letting employers determine what health benefits their employees get.  Would someone who didn’t believe in evolution not allow coverage for vaccines for mutated strains of viruses?  Would someone who disapproved of travelling to foreign countries not allow malaria immunizations?  How about the people who say to have faith in God for everything?  The next religiously-minded health plan: only enough money to cover the costs for a Bible.

I shudder at the idea of any bill that allows some citizens to control the lives of others.  It would let people’s arbitrary personal preferences to influence others.  This sounds much more like totalitarianism than any sort of democracy that I want to be part of, Ms. Lesko.

Another ticked off Arizonan,


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