No stone is left unturned

Who does our society objectify?


Think about it.


2 thoughts on “No stone is left unturned

  1. Wow. This is the first time I’ve seen the “Sexy And I Know It” video and I find the role reversal quite funny and revealing. It would be easy to imagine the same video with girls (thinking, for example, of that “Call on me” aerobics clip a few years ago which still makes me shudder –, so I’m happy they haven’t got that route. At the same time however it’s sad that it’s perfectly normal for us to see scantily clad girls prance around in music videos, but guys can only do it in an ironic way.

  2. Sam,

    I’m not even sure it’s ironic. The “Sexy and I Know It” video is the first I’ve ever seen in which men are objectified so clearly (there may be more, but I don’t watch too many videos..I can’t take it).

    I totally agree with you though, that if a woman were to do the same thing in a video (namely, jiggle her privates/breasts around while saying “wigglewigglewigglewigglewiggleyeah!”) it would be considered highly inappropriate and really demeaning. When guys do it, our first reaction is that it’s funny. And the reason that it’s funny is that it doesn’t happen often, whereas with girls in videos hyper sexualization is super normal.

    I like too that you reversed the roles and imagined girls in the LMFAO video. Imagine also that the roles were reversed in the Trey Songz video…imagine if men were chained to the walls or taking the clothes off of women who were singing “Bottoms Up.” It seems ridiculous because it would probably never happen.

    Thanks for reading us and commenting! Keep reading, because I’d love to hear your thoughts on future stuff.


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