Pink Ribbons

So, for those of you who have heard about all the controversy surrounding the Susan G. Komen foundation (one of the largest and most famous breast cancer cure fundraising foundations out there), I just saw this on a blog I follow.

There’s a documentary coming out today (I think only in Canadian theaters, but I want that DVD when it comes out!!) called “Pink Ribbons, Inc.” It’s about what breast cancer cure foundations are really up to, and how the fundraising is more about corporations making money. A really interesting point made in the trailer on this blog ( is that putting pink ribbons on stuff and selling pink products “for the cure” is making breast cancer pink and feminine and normal, and that’s not how it is at all.

Totally want to see it. It’s funny, because when you really think about it, corporations probably do make so much more money for making something pink and putting a cancer fund’s logo on it. The same could probably be said for the AIDS fundraser Product(RED)–they were at the GAP, Apple, Nike, etc.–March of Dimes, whatever. Have you ever felt more compelled to buy a product because the money would go towards some cause? I know I have.

Many businesses give back to their communities or to grand causes, and I know that the intentions underlying the idea are good, but at what point does corporate humanitarianism get folded into corporate greed?

I also think more documentaries need to be made about corporate greed affecting women. One topic I would just LOVE to see a documentary about is tampons. I mean, anything that can send you into shock and potentially cause death should never be inserted into your vagina. Ever. And people don’t know some of the weird stuff that gets put into their menstrual products or the amount of waste they generate–or that there are alternative, convenient ways of combating the corporations and the waste.

What else are we missing? Think about it.


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