Too much excitement

So today was the first day since our crazy tagging session a few nights ago that I’ve really had time to think about our tags. I went around to a few of the 5Cs to see if our tags were still there, and to my knowledge all but 2 of them were still in place as of this afternoon! Really cool.

If you’re viewing this blog after seeing one of our tags and are interested in finding out more, be sure to email us at . This doesn’t have to be a huge time-commitment, and even though the two of us who are in charge managed to put together 14 tags on five campuses on our own while handling school work etc., we’d love to have people who only want to knit/crochet, only want to write, only want to help tag etc. Check out our Join our Team for more information.

We’d also like to encourage people to comment on our posts or send us questions or comments via e-mail. We want this to be a dialogue, and one of our big purposes is to get people talking about this stuff. We would love to see (useful!) debates and disagreements happening in the comments of this blog.

Be well, all, and have a good weekend! Keep your eyes peeled for tag number 2!



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